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FAQs for Living and Working Overseas:

Written by a former Peace Corps Volunteer living overseas since 1989

The Expat Guy: FAQs for Working and Living Overseas

How to Teach English Overseas
A Ten-Week Plan to a NEW Life Overseas
Everything you Need to Know to Land a Job and get Moved Overseas.
Insider Tips from an Experienced TEFL Teacher, TEFL Teacher Trainer and former Peace Corps Volunteer working Overseas since 1989.

Recession-Proof Jobs!
Head Overseas!

YOU can Beat the DOWN Economy!

Thousands of people fight off the BAD economy and big debts by heading overseas and teaching English.  If you have a BA or BS (or better) in any field it is a good way to make a good living - save OVER US$1000 per month [without really trying!] - and still be able to travel and see the world. Even people without degrees do well in China, Indonesia and South America.

Can I Teach English?

Sure! The #1 requirement is that you are a "native speaker" of English - that English is your first language.  That's it!  Nothing else.  Young, Old, Black, White, Green - no problem.

Don't I need to be an English Expert?


You are hired primarily for your natural pronunciation.  Everyone knows the joke about ordering "Flied Lice" - and that is exactly the problem that English students face around the world: Non-Native Speakers of English teaching them BAD pronunciation - that is very hard to UN-learn.  You don't even need to know much about Grammar! Local teachers will be teaching your students the basics.

How Many?

The British Council estimates that over ONE BILLION people are currently studying English worldwide.

These impressive numbers are driven by adult speakers around the world who use English to communicate in the workplace. 

In an increasingly Globalized World, the number of English learners around the world is only expected to further grow.

What?!  Where are these Jobs?

Asia! As we all know - it is not a stereotype that most cultures in Asia deeply value education - and most Asian countries, when the going gets rough and tough - invest more in their English education.  Proof?  Look here: Korea Jobs  and all they want is a degree - no experience required.  Easy?  Yeah!


Because the young "tigers" of the Asian economies have built their economic booms on International Business - and English is the Language of International Business.

Where can I earn or save the most money?

Save US$1000+ without really trying!

Save US$1000+ EVERY month: All the information you need to make the decision to teach in Korea, all in one convenient place. 
Written by a Teacher who has spent
12 years teaching in Korea.

Korea is the most popular place for stashing away a good nest egg - or for paying off those student loans or other debts.  Taiwan and Japan are right behind Korea as popular destinations for paying off debts or saving money for retirement. 

Who can do this?

You can!  And why not? Thousands of people are already doing it.  Young, old, white, brown, black, green - whatever!

Resources for Teaching English Overseas

TEFL eBooks: eBooks for Teaching English Overseas

Teach English Phuket: Why not teach English on a Tropical Island?



Hotel English

Raise your hand if you'd like to spend your "working" time in a Luxury Resort . . .

Teach English in a 5 Star Resort on a Tropical Island? 

Why not!

The Hotel TEFL eBook has everything you need to teach in Paradise - The BEST way to earn a living Overseas.

The ebook is very useful and I am more confident now when teaching our staff. 

--  Ly Liet Thanh -- Training Director
of FUNSUN Resorts in Vietnam


How to Evaluate TEFL Programs
For when you start teaching English Abroad:
 Here's how to do your TEFL right!



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