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FAQs for Living and Working Overseas:

Written by a former Peace Corps Volunteer living overseas since 1989

The Expat Guy: FAQs for Working and Living Overseas

Should I keep a webpage or blog while I am overseas?

Would a blog or webpage be a good way to keep in touch?

Why not! 

A webpage or a blog is a good way to communicate with family, friends, and former coworkers about where you are and what you are doing. 

Demonstrate Work AND Play

While the temptation might be to show off the travel and play segments of your life overseas, it might also be useful to also communicate about the cultural knowledge, languages, and other skills you will be acquiring.

Documenting your Life Overseas

One great thing about a website or blog will be the record you have made - to review later in life.  A nice documentary of times overseas if you go back home to live.  And a nice step in your development if you remain overseas.

Pre-Internet Days

My mother saved all my letters from my Peace Corps days and gave them back to me after my time in Africa was finished.  It was a great gift as I had kept no other documentation of my two years there.  It was also proof to me of my disciplined efforts to increase communication with my parents when overseas.

"Just do it!" - as Nike says . . .

You'll be happy that you documented your time overseas



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The ebook is very useful and I am more confident now when teaching our staff. 

--  Ly Liet Thanh -- Training Director
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For when you start teaching English Abroad:
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